The software "ShunIPCalc v3.0" is now available on this Web site


You can find here a software for people working or studying computer networks. It helps calculating and planning addressing of IP networks.

It includes:
— an IP mask calculator which gives from the IP Class or IP Supernet and the number of hosts or subnets, the size of the subnets and the list of all subnets;
— an IP subnet calculator which gives from the IP address and the mask, the network and broadcast addresses as well as the number of subnets and hosts per subnet;
— an IP address converter (dotted decimal, binaire and hexadecimal);
— an IP mask converter (dotted decimal, bit number);
— an HTML help helping understanding IP addresses and IP subnets, also available on line.

This software is a freeware. You can download it now from here and send your comments via the following form.